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Nintendo Wii,里程碑式作品。除了在游戏领域独领风骚之外,在Johnny Chung Lee的强力软件支持下,现在每个拥有wii的人都可以用Wii遥控器做一个简单却可媲美数千美元专业级的演示工具。(特别是现时无经费的学校或公司可以用这些简单的设备做一个点触式白板投影教学“whiteboard presentation”)

原演示视频如下 :

而以下则是Johnny Lee提供的软件(win/mac模式)

Windows (32-bit)
Wiimote Whiteboard* (original 12/19/07) – includes source
Wiimote Whiteboard v0.2* (updated 3/27/08) – includes source
Wiimote Whiteboard v0.3* (updated 8/20/08) – includes source

* there appear to be some issues with 64-bit machines, and BlueSoleil. Alternative Bluetooth software may work. Check the forum for more info.

Mac (Java)
You can do a quick webserach or try the version created by uweschmidtwhich is a fairly mature Java-based version for Mac.

Multitouch:source code

以下是一些有趣的软件,可以配合wii remote玩耍的。(多数为免费软件)
Fun software (mostly free) to try with this:
Mapping software: Microsoft Virtual EarthGoogle Earth
Physics simulation software: Phun
Virtual Tourism: Photosynth
Media Browsing: CoolIris
Painting progams: Alias Sketchbook Pro
Note taking:One Note
Handwritting recognition: Windows Tablet PC Edition – works great if you have it, not a stand alone program to install.

以上所有数据介绍及软件皆出自华裔工程师: Johnny Chung Lee的网站:http://johnnylee.net,如有疑问,请联系作者。非常感谢Johnny Lee的amazing discovery,及其open source的精神。

Mate, you are a genius!


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